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Vibrating Peanut Ball Muscle Roller

Vibrating Peanut Ball Muscle Roller

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The Electric Vibrating Peanut Ball Muscle Relaxing Home Gym Fitness Yoga Rechargeable Portable Massager adheres to the highest industry standards, offering convenience and quality in a no-fuss package. This revolutionary muscle roller relaxes different muscle tissue with deep relief of muscle fatigue after exercise. Expertly crafted of ABS + silica gel, this device is waterproof and easy to keep clean. Its portable design makes it ideal for your busy lifestyle, allowing you to easily carry it anywhere while still delivering performance that rivals the gym. Its high level technology focuses on targeted areas of your body, offering targeted therapy for best results. With its unique shape, you can easily control the pressure applied during a massage session - from gentle tapping to deeper controlled massage - making this massager perfect for flexible treatment plans. Get the relaxation and ease of mind you deserve with this Muscle Relaxing Home Gym Fitness Yoga Roller  - your key to better health and wellbeing!




Colour: As Shown
Material: ABS+ silicone 
Size:17 x 10cm

Package Contents: 
1 * Massage Roller 
1 * USB line 

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